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Who we are

QTS Engineering, Inc., or Quick Tensioning Systems, is an innovative developer of stencil frame Quick Tensioning Systems for automated stencil printers in electronics manufacturing. Whether you’re printing solder paste or other materials through a stencil, you know that making, storing, and handling framed stencils can be problematic sometimes. Foil attachment to cast frames and tensioning is complex and time-consuming. Sharp foil edges can cut worker’s hands. Storage of framed stencils can take up a lot of space especially if you’re a contract manufacturer with a high product mix. QTS Engineering, Inc. offers a simple, cost-effective, space and time-saving alternative to the old-fashioned way of tensioning, storing, and using stencils. We also offer storage solutions and other accessories and services to the stencil user.


QTS Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1995 by printing machine systems pioneer and entrepreneur Gunter Erdmann.  He had seen that it took quite a lot of time and resources to build a stencil and frame for electronic materials printing, and believed that he could engineer a way to do it faster, simpler, more inexpensively, and more efficiently. The Wizard Stencil Stretch Frame System, our primary product, now found in electronics manufacturing and assembly facilities everywhere, is the result of Gunter’s innovative engineering.

Our Products

QTS Engineering, Inc. manufactures the Wizard Quick Tensioning Stencil Stretch Frame System in 4 different sizes; the QTS Universal Stencil Frame Adaptor; The Wizard Soft Foil Storage Solutions as well as Cast and Tubular Frame Storage Solutions; and Accessories including the QTS Stencil Stretch Frame. We also provide high-precision CNC machining services.