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The "Old" Way

Standard tubular aluminum stencilFirst, one had to cast the aluminum frame (or extrude, cut and weld), and then stretch a poly mesh in a stretching device. The next step is to epoxy this cast or tubular frame to the poly mesh, wait approximately 12 hours, and then cut it out. Then one had to epoxy the stainless steel foil into the center of the poly mesh. After curing, one had to cut out the center of the poly, leaving a stretched stainless steel foil. This foil was then mounted under the laser, the apertures cut out, and the final product shipped to the customer. When the customer is done with this frame, they must ship it back to the stencil supplier to be refurbished, with all new poly and stainless applied. The result? Two sets of shipping charges, a lot of time, added handling and extra work for the stencil company.