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Apshen Stencil Foil Adapter System for the DEK® VectorGuard®

Apshen is an effective, simple, 2 piece adapter ystem, developed by QTS, that allows you to use your own existing foils, or foils manufactured by a vendor whom you choose, in your VectorGuard frames. They `ll tension and work just as well and reliably as foils produced by Vector Guard, but now you can decide whom you buy your stencils from.

Apshen`s patent-pending design won`t compromise your Vector Guard system and does not infringe on any existing patents, so yuo can use it with confidence.

Apshen`s aluminum cap and injection molded base fit onto the edge of stencil foils. They`re quick to attach and make a solid connection for the life of the stencil. The inward edge of the cap is beveled to a thin edge so as not to interfere with ptinting stepped stencil areas that may be adjacent to the outer edges of the foil.

Stencil Sizes

Fully compatible with Vectorguard storaage folders; custom cabinets are available


Base Mold