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Wizard Stencil Stretch Frames Size


Wizard Stencil Stretch Frames size are available in three basic standardized sizes. Custom sizes can be ordered as well.

Container Frames

The QTS Engineering, Inc. patented plastic container frame is an integral part of the Wizard system. Container frames are thin, lightweight, inexpensive, cleanable, and disposable. They hold the stencil foil securely for mounting and use; they protect worker’s hands from sharp stencil-edge metal cuts; and they protect the stencil foil during handling and storage.

Container frames are molded of plastic, with a choice of styrene or nylon, and an optional ‘Green’ color for stencils used to print lead-free solder pastes. The color-coding helps prevent cross-contamination in shops where both lead-free and lead-bearing solder pastes are used in production. 28 secure contact points lock the stencil securely in place in the Wizard frame tensioning system; they also fit standard industrial adapter frames with 21 and 21.5 bolt patterns.

The slim profile of container frames in the Wizard system overall make compact, efficient stencil foil storage possible (Eighty - 20"x 20" stencils require less than 2’x3’ of floor space for storage), reduce shipping costs, and also make a larger stencil imaging area available over traditional bulky aluminum cast or tubular frames.

20” x 20” Container frames are packaged 80 per box @ 26 lbs.
20” x 29” Container frames are packaged 25 per box @ 11 lbs.
29” x 29” Container frames are packaged 26 per box @ 13 lbs.