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Introducing The Wizard Stencil Stretch Frame System with Adapter for Surface Mount Solder Paste Stencil Printers

20"x29" adapter
20"x29" adapter

The Wizard Frame System consists of two frames and a stencil. The first frame is a plastic Container Frame (Patent # US 6,494,134 B2) which protects your technician from injuries during handling of the stencil’s razor sharp edges. The stencil is firmly held in a molded plastic Container Frame (available in three sizes and three types of plastic composition for specific applications). The Container Frame also reduces the chance of stencil damage during shipping and handling. The second frame, The Wizard, is a durable, lightweight aluminum stretch frame, designed to accept the Plastic Container Frame and stencil and provide just the right stencil tensions in all directions. This new twin frame system offers significant advantages over conventional aluminum castings and tubular frames:


  • Cost savings are significant when ordering stencils with the
    Container Frame from your stencil manufacturer.
  • Larger available printing area (20” x 29” has 465.5” sq.)
  • Eliminates the need to epoxy stencils.
  • Reduces your storage space requirements
    300 - 20"x 29" stencils require less than 2’x 5’ of floor space
  • Drastically lowers your shipping charges
    (Container frame and foil weigh less than 1 lb.)
  • Shorter turn around time
  • Eliminates the need to return used frame castings
  • Reduces setup time
  • Stencils can be changed over in 10 seconds without tools
  • The Container Frame with stencil is machine washable


  • Stencil tension can be Increased or Decreased easily with the amount of air pressure used.
  • 28 contact points between the Container Frame to the stencil ensures a secure connection to the stencil.
  • Greater clearance allows for larger board image area.
  • Fits standard industrial adapter frames with a 21 and 21.5 bolt pattern.

To help you maintain and utilize all of the benefits of the Wizard Frame system a “Stretch Frame Repair Kit” is included with the purchase of all new Wizard Frame Systems. Stencil Storage Racks are available for all frame sizes.