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The Wizard Stencil Storage Solutions

Storage Solution
Storage Solution
Storage Solution
Storage Solution

QTS Engineering, Inc. Wizard Stencil Container Frames (stencil foils mounted in container frames, i.e., their plastic protective border) are thin, easy to store, and save a lot of space over standard aluminum tubular frame storage. To keep the foils safe from dirt or damage, and to keep them readily accessible, QTS Engineering, Inc. has designed and created a perfect storage system for them that’s economical, efficient, and space-saving. Store up to 300 stencils and frames in only one storage rack! Additionally, since the stencil foils are already mounted in plastic container frames, handling is safe – no metal cuts to the hands.

QTS Engineering, Inc. Wizard Stencil Storage Solutions provide safe storage with quick access from either side of the storage rack. These racks are rugged and durable, and manufactured right here in the U.S. of quality extruded aluminum. Each QTS Engineering, Inc. Wizard Stencil Frame is held securely between injection- molded guides at the top and bottom, ensuring a perfect fit. Stencils are easy to label and identify. These racks are mounted on locking casters for mobility.

QTS Engineering, Inc. manufactures 3 standard racks:
20” x 20” - Holds 300 stencils in only 2’x5’ of floor space
20” x 29” - Holds 300 stencils in only 2’x5’ of floor space
29” x 29” - Holds 200 stencils in only 2’x5’ of floor space

QTS Engineering, Inc. will custom design a rack specific to a customer’s needs, however, and they are also configurable. Their injection-molded guides can be machined, removing 1 rib for a 1x24x24 frame, or removing 2 ribs so that a 1.5 x 29 x 29 can be accepted. QTS Engineering, Inc. has custom-manufactured many racks and would be pleased to quote your needs. You can also purchase our injection-molded guides separately. And although these racks are for foil storage, we also make these racks for industry standard size tubular aluminum frames to (typically 1"x23"x23 and 1.5"x29"x29").

QTS Engineering, Inc. Wizard Soft Foil Storage Solutions canbe delivered fully assembled within 100 miles of our facility in Medway Massachusetts, via our own QTS Engineering, Inc. Delivery Truck; shipping charges apply. Racks can also be shipped via UPS (assembly required). Assembly is easy and requires only a Phillips screwdriver and 5/23” Allen wrench. Complete instructions are provided.