Welcome to QTS Frame

We use the latest technology to
manufacture surface mount stencils stretch frames.

QTS Engineering


QTS Engineering is located in Bellingham, Massachusetts, Established in  2002. We are committed to delivering the highest quality stencil technology in the industry. 

Cast Frame Technology

Previous cast frame technology delayed the aluminum frame manufacturing time. It used to take two sets of shipping charges, time, added handling, and extra work for the stencil company, such as gluing and stretching cast stencils.

With QTS Engineering's Stencil Stretch Frame technology, the foil will be mounted into the QTS plastic container frame border. Giving the foil rigidity and protection. Your Stencil Manufacturer will ship the foil and border assembled directly to you. Then you can install the product in a Wizard Stencil Stretch frame that you’ve purchased from us, and tension it. Mounting and tensioning takes less than a minute, and you’re ready to print. Typically, our stencils cost half of a Cast Stencil. And there is no need to return Cast frames to the Stencil Manufacturer. Saving money all around.

Wizard Method

Our wizard method saves setup time, shipping and material costs, storage space, and more. Most of all, it allows you a higher level of control over your own stencils and process control settings.

We provide more control and lower costs, which means a better process, higher yields, and a better bottom line for you.